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Parcheggiare in centro a Firenze

The limited traffic zone (ZTL) is an area of the city centre with limited or no access to unauthorised vehicles. The main objective of the ZTL is to limit traffic and safeguard the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Only residents or those accessing authorized parking garages can enter the ZTL without being fined. The ZTL is also accessible to all after 8pm.

Our parking garage will take care of all the necessary paperwork to allow you to access the ZTL without having to worry about fines.

The Valet service, which collects and delivers your car directly to your hotel, is only valid for affiliated hotels.
For a list of the affiliated hotels, please e-mail: info@autoservizi.firenze.it

Certainly. Our parking garage takes care of all the paperwork. Upon leaving the garage, we will also set your GPS on the direct route out of the centre of Florence.

I have noticed that there are video surveillance cameras at the gates to the ZTL. What should I do?

Pass through the telematic gates without any worries, but be careful not to drive on the preferential lanes for buses, taxis, ambulances etc. Once you arrive at our parking garage, our staff will communicate your registration plate directly to the Municipality of Florence, and your authorized access will be complete.

Yes, we have a 20 KW Enel X charging station for our clients.

Prenotazione online

If you are driving a rental car, simply write RENT in the “vehicle registration plate” field when booking.

Booking half-day in our parking garages is much cheaper that booking at an hourly rate (between arrivals before and after 1 pm). The price is fixed: this lets you arrive at the parking garage without having to worry about traffic or wrong arrival times.

Payment must go through PayPal.

On PayPal, you can pay using your PayPal account or also simply by using any credit card you enter on the PayPal website.

If you do not have a PayPal account, simply enter your credit card number and PayPal will guarantee secure payment services.
Guaranteed safety and refunds in the event of problems with the service.

Certainly, you can book to park a motorbike or scooter.

There are no problems whatsoever with the height of the vehicle.

Not to worry, if you have paid, it is definitely in our booking software. If you would like the email receipt, please contact us at: contatti@autoservizi.firenze.it

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